The MAXX Flight Account

The Jet Card with a difference.

Maxx The Block Hour Jet Card Flight Account

·   One step booking process

·   Pay less than your agreed hourly rate*

·   Change aircraft category without penalty

·   Fully inclusive prices with no hidden fees or surcharges**

·   Guaranteed availability within 24 hours but as few as 3 hours

·   Your own dedicated Flight Director

·   Availability 24/7

·   Full concierge service

*At Jet Hire Direct, our years of experience have taught us that the conventional block hour option is not always the best choice for our clients.

So, our flight account is different. We compare our on-demand charter rates on every trip that you take. With our extensive network of aircraft this often means that you will pay less than the agreed hourly rates. It also means that we can provide the right size aircraft for every trip that you take without restricting or penalising you for changing the aircraft category.

If your routing or passenger numbers are likely to change, we’ll accommodate those changes every time and ensure that you have the right jet in the right place every time, based on your preferred routing, the number of passengers, the time of day and the amount of luggage.

Special rates for same day return.
Our costs are minimised on short same day return flights and these reductions are passed on to you. The simple fact is that the conventional flight account has to be inflated to allow for all eventualities. What makes the Maxx Flight account different is that our pricing reflects the actual cost of flying for each trip that you take.

We’ll also work with you to ensure that all of your preferences are met offering you:

  • Your choice of aircraft
  • The very best service
  • Your choice of catering
  • Branding on headrests and documentation

and any other little luxuries you need.

**Our prices do not include de-icing, out of hours airport charges or other variable charges incurred. However, we will highlight the possibility of these charges at the time of booking to ensure that you have no nasty surprises.

To find out how the our Flight Account can benefit you, call us now:

From the UK: 0800 56 77 538

From the USA: 1 888 690 1967

Worldwide: +44 (0)1202 33 17 18

or complete this form and we’ll get back to you as quickly as possible:

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