2023 Monaco Grand Prix VIP Packages – On Sale Now!

Experience the Ultimate in Luxury at the 2023 Monaco F1 Grand Prix Are you looking for a VIP experience at the Monaco F1 Grand Prix? Look no further! We offer exclusive packages that include private jet and helicopter travel, luxurious accommodation, and the best hospitality services at the race. Our VIP package includes: Don’t miss […]

Private Jet Charter versus Private Jet Ownership – which is best for me?

When it comes to private air travel, there are two main options: private jet charter and private jet ownership. Both have their own set of advantages and disadvantages, and the best option for you will depend on your specific needs and circumstances.   Private Jet Charter Private jet charter is when you rent a private […]

Private Jet Hire Barcelona to Paris Le Bourget Empty Leg

Available from January 12, we are able to offer a luxurious Falcon 2000 EX Easy for an empty leg private flight from Barcelona to Le Bourget Paris. This is a spacious, comfortable and majestic aircraft with room for up to 14 passengers. This flight is fully approved and available to book right now. Fill out […]

Evolution in the Skies: Top Trends in Private Aviation

Emerging trends in the pandemic economy suggest significant changes ahead for the private aviation industry, with sustainability, increased ownership, and enhanced safety features standing out as key areas of growth and development. As more high-net-worth individuals purchase private jets, the demand for quick, low-cost journeys has skyrocketed. Higher fuel prices have even prompted greater interest […]

High Performance Helicopters for a New Age

So you’re in the market for a private jet… well, seems like most of the UHNW cohort has one these days, perhaps even parked in their own dedicated hangar. What they don’t have—yet—is the latest in hopped-up helicopters. Meet the Hill HX50, what the company likes to dub the ‘world’s first private helicopter’. More specifically, […]

Jet Hire Direct now accepting bitcoin

We’re delighted to be able to let you know that we are now accepting bitcoin payments for flights, hospitality, holidays, business trips and even aircraft acquisition. If you were ahead of the crowd and have profited from bitcoin, use this to enhance your lifestyle and use bitcoin to pay for private jet charter and exclusive […]

Should You Invest in Private Aviation

In short, the answer comes down to two things: Can you afford the initial acquisition cost? Or, can you afford to finance the right aircraft? Unless of course the cost is irrelevant and you simply want an aircraft of your own.  If it’s the latter, it’s simply a case of acquiring the right aircraft to […]

Champions League Final 2017 Private Flights Boeing 737

We have a Boeing 737 with 148 seats available to fly from Rome or Madrid for the Champions League Final in Cardiff.  This is very much available on a first come first  served basis at a very competitive price. For more details please call Neil Smith on +44 (0)1202 33 17 21. For smaller groups […]

Champions League Final 2017 Private Flights

We currently have availability across a range of private and commercial jets for the Champions League Final in Cardiff. With aircraft positioned and available in Rome, Nice and Madrid no matter what happens in the second round of the semi finals we can currently offer guaranteed availability for up to 380 passengers. Luxury jet options […]