Commercial Airliners


Commercial airliners are available in four main cabin configuration categories.

Ultra Luxurious

The Airbus Corporate Jet and Boeing Business Jet are jets designed for 150-230 passengers carrying only 18-48 in a truly luxurious and unique cabin environment.

First Class

In this range we offer the likes of the Airbus A318, the Boeing 757, the MD83 and the Fokker 100 configured in a First/Business class configuration throughout. These are perfect for sports charters, corporate travel and incentive trips for larger groups that want to enjoy more of the “private aviation” experience.

Luxury Standard

The luxury standard class jets are configured in a way that more represents commercial aviation but offer leather seating with a little more room than you would expect on a commercial airline.  Perfect again for group and sports travel and offering just that little bit more luxury.

Commercial Configuration

For group travel where you need to work to your own schedule but need pricing more aligned to commercial airlines we have a range of commercial jets in standard configurations. This includes for example the Airbus 310, the Boeing 737, 757 and 767, the MD83 and the Fokker 100 to name but a few.