Sales & Acquisition

We specialise in the business of managing aircraft sales and acquisitions. With experience in the entire field of aviation we have an extensive and intimate understanding of what is needed to manage the successful sale or acquisition of your aircraft. We manage aircraft transactions for private individuals and major corporations worldwide; saving you time and money and acting with the ultimate of professionalism and discretion.

For factory new or previously owned aircraft we’ll take care of everything including:

  • Aircraft search
  • Inspections
  • Refurbishments
  • Test flights
  • Documentation
  • and financial transactions

whether you’re in the same city or on different sides of the globe.

If you need help selecting the right aircraft we’ll work with you to determine the very best fit for your needs.

By accessing our knowledge, our extensive network and industry relationships through our Sales & Acquisition specialists you’ll have all you need for a smooth and trouble free transaction.

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