Light Jets


Our small business jets are ideal for small to medium size groups and will generally offer a good range. The seating is very comfortable but generally speaking you will not be able to stand upright in the cabin of these smaller business jets. Most offer hot and cold drinks and many offer lavatory facilities.

These Specifications are for the type in general, individual aircraft may vary. The range is a general guide and subject to number of passengers, luggage and weather conditions.


Cessna Citation
Cessna Citation I Private Jet Charter
The Citation I is the original classic small business jet. It is of course fully pressurised, has a maximum cruise altitude of 41,000 ft and cruise speed of 357 kts. The Citation usually offers a semi enclosed lavatory.
Up to 51350nm
Cessna Citation II/SP/Bravo
Cessna Citation II Private Jet Hire
A direct development of the Citation I, the Citation II led to the development of the IISP and the Bravo. It is faster, bigger and more powerful with comfortable seating for up to 8 passengers
The Citation II variants cruise at approximately 400 kts at 43,000ft. The Citation II usually offers a semi enclosed lavatory.
Up to 82450nm
Cessna Citation III
Cessna Citation III Private Jet Charter
The Citation III is the parent of a range of aircraft (Citation III, IV & VII) which is substantially larger but with a cabin height of 1.73m it’s not quite a stand up cabin.
The Citation III cruises at approx 470 kts depending on the variant and at 51,000ft. The increased range makes this a very sensible option for trans-european business charters. The Citation III usually offers a semi enclosed lavatory.
Up to 82680nm
Cessna Citation V/Ultra/Encore/+
Cessna Citation V Ultra Private Jet Hire
The Citation V Model 560 was upgraded with new engines to the Citation Ultra and upgraded again with newer engines still and increased fuel capacity to the Citation Encore and Encore+. Cabins feature plenty of space and built in passenger entertainent systems. There is excellent luggage capacity.
Passengers have the use of a fully enclosed aft toilet, sat phones and swivelling seats.
A real top performer with a great range but still able to fly into many smaller airfields.
Up to 82260nm
Cessna Citation CJ1/CJ1+
Cessna Citation CJ1 Private Jet Charter
Smaller than a Citation III The CJ1 and CJ1+ are more modern and technologically advanced. Cabin space is good with very comfortable seating arrangements.
The CJ1 cruises at 41,000ft. The Citation CJ1 usually offers a semi enclosed lavatory.
Up to 71650nm
Cessna Citation CJ2/CJ2+
Cessna Citation CJ2 Private Jet Charter
The CJ2 is five feet/almost 2m longer than the CJ1 offering an increased cabin size making room for an additional passenger and much more luggage.
The Citation CJ2 usually offers a semi enclosed lavatory.
Up to 82050nm
Cessna Citation CJ3
Cessna Citation CJ3 Private Aircraft Charter
Larger again than the CJ2 the CJ3 is a little more generous on cabin space and offers internal and external baggage holds. Comfort and space is the emphasis of this aircraft. The Citation CJ3 usually offers a semi enclosed lavatory.Up to 72380nm
Cessna Citation Mustang
Cessna Citation Mustang Private Jet Hire
One of the first of the new breed of “Super Light Jet”. The Mustang offer comfortable seating for four passengers and flies vary fast with a great range. Luggage space is limited to a few holdall size bags but it is perfect for short business trips or a quick weekend away. The Mustange does offer an on board toilet but there is minimal screening.Up to 41460nm
Beech Jet 400
Beech Jet 400 Private Jet Charter
Following on from the long term success of the Kingair turbo prop aircraft, the Beech Jet is a very well equipped entry level jet. The Beech 400 offers comfortable cabin space and usually offers a fully enclosed aft lavatory.
The Beech is very economical and competes with both smaller and larger jets.
Up to 71400nm
Embraer Phenom 100
Phenom 100 Private Aircraft Charter
Another of the new breed of “Super Light Jet” the Phenom offers very comfortable seating for up to four passengers. This is a brand new jet which offers the best of everything and the most generous cabin space in its class. Most offer a fully enclosed aft lavatory.Up to 41170nm
Lear 45
Learjet 45 Private Jet Hire
What you might call the “big light jet”. Probably one of the most recognised jet families in the world. The Lear 45 is an excellent jet charter choice with comfortable cabin space for 8 passengers. The Lear 45 travels higher than most and very fast making it excellent value. Most Lear 45 jets will offer a semi enclosed lavatory.Up to 82700nm
Hawker 400XP/450XP
Hawker 400XP Private Jet Hire
From an excellent pedigree the Hawker 400XP is a highly successful, reliable and comfortable jet. Offering state of the art entertainment systems and a very luxurious interior. Most will offer a semi enclosed lavatory.Up to 71880nm