Small Prop Air Taxi Range


For total flexibility for flights into almost any airfield including those with a grass runway we have a number of smaller piston engined and turbo prop aircraft. These are ideal for shorter trips and as an air-taxi to get you from your local airfield to your waiting jet for your long haul flight.

This is a selection of the available aircraft types and others are also available to suit almost any short haul need.

These Specifications are for the type in general, individual aircraft may vary. The range is a general guide and subject to number of passengers, luggage and weather conditions.


Cessna T303
Cessna T303 Private Hire and Charter
An excellent intermediate with the performance of larger aircraft in its class while being more cost effective. Ideal for shorter business and leisure trips. Excellent airfield flexibility.Up to 5670nm
Piper Seneca
Piper PA34 Seneca Private Hire and Charter
The Seneca is an ideal ‘air taxi’ which can use small airfields close to your destination. Comfortable and fun for up to 5 passengers.Up to 5650nm
Piper Navajo
PA31 Chieftain Navajo Private Hire and Charter
Fast and efficient for up to 7 passengers, this efficient aircraft is roomy and ideal for pre-meeting briefings as you travel.Up to 7670nm
Diamond DA42 Twin Star
Twin Star DA42 Private Hire and Charter
The DA42 is a twin engined and very fast aircraft offering luxurious cabin space for up to 3 passengers.Up to 31000nm
Beech Baron
Beech Baron_B58 Private Hire and Charter
In its class of small overwing entry aircraft this is one of the finest. The Baron is very fast and comfortable and ideal for shorter trips.Up to 5950nm
Beech Super Kingair 200
Kingair 200 Private Jet Charter
The Kingair 200 form Beechcraft is very versatile, very comfortable and very reliable. It cruises well above most weather at 28,000 ft and has a range of over 2,500 km.
A fully pressurised cabin affords peaceful comfort with most luggage accessible in flight. Some models have additional storage in wing lockers.
Ideal for business, leisure, air-ambulance or even cargo this aircraft is a practical and cost effective choice.
Up to 81900nm
Beech Kingair 350
Kingair 350 Private Jet Charter
The 350 is the super development of the classic Beech 200 Super King Air. It retains all the short runway versatility yet flies higher and faster for jet performance.
A cabin nearly six meters long gives plenty of space. There are wing lockers and spacious flight accessible luggage holds.
The 350 flies as high and as fast as many small jets and is extremely versatile.
Up to 91100nm