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As you know, we are big supporters of Cancer Research. We sponsor and help to organise the Boys Beating Cancer fun run in the UK and support Cancer Research UK and the Dallaglio Foundation directly year on year. It’s a personal thing for me – Rob Dore, the CEO of Jet Hire Direct, as cancer has taken a lot of loved ones from me. However, things have just changed….

I have just learned some heart breaking news. Our friends Steve and Anita found out in July that their awesome 13 year old son James has metastatic medullblastoma. It is inoperable. Therefore, James is now facing a long and tough battle to survive.

I have asked a lot from you in support of the Boys Beating Cancer event but now I’m asking for more.

Steve and Anita have learned of some pioneering Proton Radiation treatment but it is only available in the USA. The treatment is very aggressive treatment with long term side affects but necessary for any chance of survival especially in Jamie’s High Risk medullblastoma.

However, they need to get James to the USA and become short term resident there to see the treatment through and it’s estimated that this will cost £250,000. We will make a donation from every flight sold until the target is reached but also ask you to consider making a donation directly at

You can learn a little more at

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