Turbo Props


For smaller groups of 8 to 68 our Turbo Prop aircraft are ideal for smaller airports and shorter runways and offer a lot of flexibility. Some of the larger aircraft are in a standard commercial configuration for flexible and affordable group travel. On the smaller aircraft there’s no compromise in service and luxury and many are as well equipped as the most luxurious of private jets.

These Specifications are for the type in general, individual aircraft may vary. The range is a general guide and subject to number of passengers, luggage and weather conditions.


ATR 42
ATR42 Private Jet Charter
A short haul regional commuter turboprop
Standard seating is for 42 passengers but business class configurations are also available.
Up to 501100nm
ATR 72
ATR72 Private Jet Hire
The big brother of the ATR 42 with capacity for up to 68. It has more power and is aimed at short to medium haul European flights. It is ideal for conferences, large meetings and corporate entertainment.Up to 681100nm
Beech 1900
Beech 1900 Private Jet Hire
The Beech 1900 has nineteen seats and is a reliable, capable and cost effective way of flying larger groups on short haul flights. A cabin attendant can be provided on request.Up to 191900nm
Fokker 50
Fokker 50 Private Jet Hire
The Fokker 50 offers excellent short field performance and is excellent for corporate groups travelling to and from “in-city” airports such as London City.Up to 581800nm
Jetstream 31
Jetstream 31 Private Jet Hire
The Jetstream 31 is an 18 seat aircraft with a good range for large groups on shorter trips. Great for corporate and sporting trips.Up to 18840nm
Jetstream 41
Jetstream 41 Private Jet Charter
The Jetstream 41 is 16 feet longer than the 31 and offers an additional 11 seats. A comfortable aircraft for larger groups with a good range.Up to 291890nm
Saab 340
Saab 340 Private Jet Charter
A perfect choice for larger groups on an inflexible schedule. The per seat price of this aircraft is excellent making it a good competitor for groups with their own timetable.Up to 351150nm
Metroliner SA227 Private Jet Hire
Carrying 19 passengers the Metroliner, sometimes known as the Merlin III, is one of the faster commuter turboporps.
The Metro is a good choice for small business or leisure groups requiring short distance flights.
Up to 191480nm
Beech Super Kingair 200
Kingair 200 Private Jet Charter
The Kingair 200 form Beechcraft is very versatile, very comfortable and very reliable. It cruises well above most weather at 28,000 ft and has a range of over 2,500 km.
A fully pressurised cabin affords peaceful comfort with most luggage accessible in flight. Some models have additional storage in wing lockers.
Ideal for business, leisure, air-ambulance or even cargo this aircraft is a practical and cost effective choice.
Up to 81900nm
Beech Kingair 350
Kingair 350 Private Jet Charter
The 350 is the super development of the classic Beech 200 Super King Air. It retains all the short runway versatility yet flies higher and faster for jet performance.
A cabin nearly six meters long gives plenty of space. There are wing lockers and spacious flight accessible luggage holds.
The 350 flies as high and as fast as many small jets and is extremely versatile.
Up to 91100nm